When choosing a pool for your home, there are many different styles and designs. Before you choose a pool type, determine if you want a Vinyl Liner In-Ground, Fiberglass Pool, or Above-Ground Pool. Each one of the pools has their own advantages. Vinyl liner pools have the lowest initial cost of the two in-ground types, there are no limitations of the length, width, and depth of the vinyl liner pool. Fiberglass is low maintenance, little or no lifetime cost, non-abrasive surface, equipped with built-in seats and steps and quick installation. Above-Ground pools cost is probably the number one benefit of owning an above ground swimming pool. Their small in size and fast installation is a breeze.

Vinyl Liner Pools

One of the many considerations you need to make when deciding on a swimming pool design is its shape. There are plenty of options to make your swimming pool attractive while saving space in your backyard. To help you in making that decision, here are some of the most common pool shapes you can choose from.
Professional Pools and Care LLC is an authorized dealer for: Tara Liners
Tara Liners provide high quality vinyl liners to enhance the look and longevity of your pool. Vinyl liners are affordable and customized to fit your pool. Tara vinyl liners are great in that they make your pool more durable and are able to withstand different weather conditions.

View Tara's selection of vinyl liners below:
Cape Cod
Cascade Creek
Dolphin Island
Emerald Bay
Glacier Bay
Key West
Montego Bay
Monterey Bay
Ocean Wave
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Fiberglass Pools

Our One Piece Fiberglass pools are provided by C & W Pools , in Joelton TN.

Please visit there site to view various sizes and shapes at www.c-wpools.com.
Installation time is shorter and can be completed in days verses months. Fiberglass pools are handcrafted and lamination of the pool makes the shell more durable resulting in 10 times the tensile strength and 17 times the flexural strength. C&W Pools carry an exteneded warranty because of their strutural superiority.


• Smooth, non - porous surface provides little opportunity for growth and development of algae
• More economical
• Less chemicals needed to maintain proper water balance
• Higher resistance to structural failure caused by shifting or unstable soil conditions
• Minimal pool maintenance problems and expenses

• Eliminates rough or pitted surfaces common to gunite pools that are responsible for skin abrasions on feet, knees, hips, shoulder and hands
• If structural damage occurs, complete repair can be easily made and restored to its orginal strength.
fiberglass pools
fiberglass 3

Above Ground Pools

Our Above Ground Pools are provided by SWIM' N PLAY, INC.

Please visit their site to view various above ground pools options at www.swimnplay.com
Pools can be used all year-round.
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